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To become the preferred fleet recruitment service provider within the Fleet management, Transport and Automotive Industries in Southern Africa by providing our Clients and Applicants with a superior recruitment solution through the delivery of effective and efficient recruitment services, with a full suite of expert fleet and transport specialist support services. Our love for anything Auto related such as Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car Shows forced us to develop this website for your information and entertainment we hope you enjoy it.

Commentary of our Autowebsite content:

Drag racing is perhaps the fastest, loudest and most spectacular motorsport of all, pitting two cars and drivers against each other to see which can cover a quarter of a mile from a standing start in the quickest time. Autocross is an ideal discipline for novices looking to get their first taste of competitive motor sport. Put simply, the aim is to tackle a temporary course, usually between 800 and 1200 metres long in a grass or stubble field, against the clock. Autotest is all about car control. The challenge is to negotiate as quickly as possible a memorised, low-speed course without hitting any markers. Time to explode a myth: you don’t need to have anything like the talent – or wallet – of Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button to go circuit racing.

Cross Country events are the best reason for getting your 4×4 out of town and doing what it was designed for! This off-road discipline combines elements of rallying and trials, depending on the specific type of event. Endurance Road Rallying is an exciting, friendly and low-cost form of Rallying. It combines off-road special tests (called selectifs) with a Road Rally route, making it the perfect next step up from 12-Car Rallies. Classic rallying, or historic rallying, is a type of road rally suitable for most standard classic cars, with no special equipment needed (the equipment allowed depends on the particular rally). These rallies are more about enjoyment than speed, and can be a good introduction to historic motorsport (which also include race meetings, classic endurance, and hill climbing). Commercial transport trucking and heavy vehicle haulage scoped out.